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  • John Gordon, Director A.M.P. Rose, Bangalore.

    ” Using SOLIDWORKS we managed to significantly reduce the design time of our new Chocolate Moulding Line, which allowed us to get the product to market much quicker and reduce the lead time for the customer.”
  • Srikanth, Managing Director IBEX Engineering, Bangalore.

    ”SOLIDWORKS has helped us to seamlessly collaborate with our UK partners for design and manufacture of Die cast tooling. Conceptia technical team has also very proactively supported and trained our personnel in using the software to its full capabilities.”
  • Srinaath, Design Head Dr.Wiesner Test & Automation, Bangalore.

    ”Most of our global design must be made with right tolerances and SOLIDWORKS helps us in achieving this at ease level. Interferences and Dynamiccollisions are addressed in pre manufacturing stage thereby reducingscraps and 3D visualization helps our assembly team to save time.”
  • S RajuSagi, Vice President Bharat Fritz Werner ltd, Bangalore.

    ”SolidWorks software is very user friendly and an ideal 3D-design tool for machine tool design and analysis. We at BFW use SOLIDWORKS software for all the design and development activities”
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