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Multi-Level Automated Car parking System


14 Oct Multi-Level Automated Car parking System

Driving a car in traffic is not scary, parking it is scary!!

Approximately 15 lakh cars are sold every year, to provide parking space in metropolitan cities has

become a biggest challenge. If a person commuting in car to reach his destination, He has to park his

car in one place & catch an auto rickshaw to reach his destiny.

A multi-level car parking system is meant to maximize car parking capacity by utilizing vertical rather

than horizontal space.

Multilevel Automated Car parking System Optimises Space for parking. It also reduces parking time

and Also Environment friendly.

Some of the challenges faced in building Multilevel Automated Car parking System are:

  • Unpredictable / expensive development and building costs
  • Inappropriate design leads to Improper Handling during automation
  • Complicated PLC & Electrical design
  • Higher Maintenance cost
  • Faster delivery of the Car

However we can overcome these challenges

using SOLIDWORKS. It provides the solution in

all the departments in building a parking


Addressing design and loading concerns

Parking systems involves lot of civil and

structural design. Key factors include safety

regulations for handling the car.

SolidWorks Simulation software not only avoids costly prototyping but also quickly assess design

response to loading conditions.

Kinematics and Automation

As we know Multilevel Automated Car parking System involves lot of kinematics in lifting and placing

the car in right slot. Stepper & Servo motors are used to achieve this automation. SOLIDWORKS

Motion helps in selection of correct motor and also to calculate physical parameters like linear

displacements, angular acceleration, power consumption etc.