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Catering to the needs of the Engineering institutes in India and World over Dassault Syetemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation provides SOLIDWORKS Educational Softwarewhich has capabilities for 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Assembly, Basic and Advanced Level Analysis & SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SolidCAM Ltd provides the software SolidCAM for 2 Axis, 2.5 Axis, 3 Axis and 4 & 5 Axis machining software. Engineering professionals, students, and educators worldwide favor SOLIDWORKS CAD software. SOLIDWORKS offers the best tools for designing products of all kinds—from robots to solar-powered vehicles. By learning SOLIDWORKS, students are better prepared to make a difference in a world where future success depends on innovative ideas and technology.


Benefits of learning SolidWorks Software

When you teach with SOLIDWORKS software, you give your students the CAD skills they need for rewarding engineering careers. Students can develop the skills they need for a successful career. By learning SOLIDWORKS, students will gain vital mechanical CAD, design validation, and data management skills that today’s employers demand.

Certification @ Conceptia Konnect

As a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional, engineering graduates stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market. SOLIDWORKS certification is proof of your SOLIDWORKS expertise and skills.


Colleges can benefit from the training programs conducted for students as well as for the tutors to be knowledgeable in CAD/CAM/CAE software’s. These SOLIDWORKS training programs are tailor made for addressing the syllabus requirements as set by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Apart from this deserving students are also given professional certification in SOLIDWORKS Software in CAD and CAE.


We also conduct additional training & certification programs for Sheetmetal, Weldments, Analysis, and Data management through our support centers all over India. We will be more than willing to partner with your esteemed institution for participating in your academic events through sponsorships to reach out to the students for further trainings.